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H-COM Is An Education Focused Online Community Founded By 3 Entrepreneurs Hell Bent On Changing Education and Enabling Personal Freedom

Alex Becker

Alex Becker is the CEO of Market Hero and founder of Spekter Labs Supplements. You will be learning lessons directly from his near decade in online marketing and sales tactics tactics that generate his business 8 figures annually

Matt Schmitt

Matt Schmitt the head coach and master mind behind H-Com. You will learning and looking over his shoulder as he teaches you the exact tactics that have generated him 10s of millions in E-Commerce sales

Devin Zander

Devin Zander is the CEO of Smar7 Apps, one of the largest Shopify APP brands in the world. You will be getting step by step store optimization and guidance learned from analyzing and working with some of the biggest most profitable stores online

The Standard Education System Is Failing

There Is Over 1.2 Trillion In Student Debt In The US ALONE

27% Of College Graduates Must Move Back In With Their Parents

Over 300,000 College Graduates Make Below Minimum Wage In 2018

Since 1999, student loan debt has increased by 500% while incomes for young workers have decreased by 10% since the year 2000.

From Home Businesses/Freelancing
Is Becoming The NORM

There are over 38 million home based businesses
in the US alone….

H-Com Was Founded Because

Our students and our team are living proof that there is a way achieve financial freedom without crippling debt or a soul crushing job.
There is a better way. There is a way to build brands and online businesses that are fullfilling and provide the financial stability that was once found in the college and job system that is now failing.

E-Commerce Is The Next Revolution

E-Commerce is set to double in the next few years, and then double again and again. Millions of new niches and selling oppuruntities open up every year. Best of all, people all around the world can tap into this from home and without a huge investment or prior experience.
Starting a business used to be locked behind HUGE upfront cost and brick and mortar challenges. It’s possible and (borderline common) to do the same now with a laptop and wifi connection. H-Com shows the way to do this
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